dale cohen designstudio has gathered her favorite artists, designers and purveyors in an installation at the Sag Harbor architectural landmark The Watchcase Project by Cape Advisors. Populating a Watchcase Townhouse with vibrant visual practitioners, Dale has composed a series of rooms that speak to the exquisite quality of space, light, and scale in the Watchcase Project. She has selected a group of artists mostly from the East End. 

 She has responded to the rooms, staircases, and walls by applying kinetic color and imagery with a contemporary take. And Dale recruited Annie Coggan and Caleb Crawford to do their own room they’ve named the Melville Room. They gathered a series of their work, a practice called Didactic Decorative Objects and inspired by the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum. Researching the work of Herman Melville, who speaks of Sag Harbor is his epic Moby Dick. 

 The art installation is accompanied by design greats, FritzHansen, Vitra, vintage Knoll and Swedish design company Overman, contemporary and vintage rugs by Doris Leslie Blau, mohair rug by Sacco, fabrics by Fischbacher for Stark and Knoll Luxe, and pillows from Maharam, all to make a dynamic conversation in a domestic setting. 

 This is not typical beach-house decor.