Writing Women Architects on Film

Writing Women Architects on Film is a new Pratt SoA seminar about the work of women architects, focusing on the Mistresses of Pratt.

We seek to demonstrate that women have been vital to the practice of architecture for decades, while radically under recognized.

These are women educated as architects or educate others to become architects, and women from wide and diverse practices, demonstrating the myriad ways women have participated and continue to participate in the built environment and design-related fields.


Pratt Institute, Undergraduate School of Architecture, Brooklyn, NY

Visiting Asst. Professor, Undergraduate Seminar,

Writing Women Architects ON Film


Woodbury University Burbank, California 

Adjunct Professor,

Undergraduate Architecture Design Studios


University of California Los Angeles,

Graduate School of Architecture Adjunct Professor,

Architecture Design Studios


Yale University New Haven, Connecticut 

Teaching Assistant