pied à terre on Union Square

Dale Cohen’s recent endeavor in the realm of design is a city haven for by a couple rekindling their urban flame after suburban child-rearing escapades. The mission at hand: the metamorphosis of a generic one-bedroom developer haven into a resplendent pied-à-terre, primed for the adventures of a fledgling empty-nest chapter.

In this petite enclave, Cohen’s mastery emerges like a painter’s brushstroke. Each element, meticulously chosen and meticulously placed, brings forth efficiency with elegance. Cohen’s meticulous curation unravels a symphony of design, where each element serves a calculated purpose, and every selection reverberates with artisanal resonance.

The living room, an arena of calculated opulence. The ceiling, aglow with a glossy vinyl wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries, casts a shimmering enchantment, coaxing luminance into the apartment’s hidden nooks. The furniture selections yields treasures like Bob Guccione’s office credenza, now transmuted with a white leather top, flanked by vintage Platner chairs – iconic relics drenched in sumptuous mohair velvet. The Minotti coffee table adds the final brushstroke, while the rug, an opulent whisper from Stephanie Odegard’s limited edition collection, emboldens the stage.

In the living room’s symphony of white rift cut oak, Cohen’s craftsmanship weaves furniture, frame, and enigmatic bookcase. A masterstroke reveals an arcane desk realm – a sanctum masked in oak’s embrace.

In the heart of the dwelling, the kitchen commands attention, a seafaring orchestra of precision, harmonizing modernity with timeless elegance. An exquisite stone backsplash, poised as a framed artistry within the kitchen’s architectural proscenium.

The sanctum of repose, the primary bedroom, unfolds as an elegiac tableau. An augmented closet carves a path to a walk-in sanctuary, adorned with an ethereal ceiling canvas – a dark teal wallpaper that mirrors the heavens above. A Charles Loomis’ chandelier refracts into a cascade of reflections, tenderly ushering slumber. Holly Hunt’s silk ensconces the headboard, while Pat Albeck’s Palladio Sunflower wallpaper, an ode to eras bygone, weaves tales of the past. Vintage nightstands and vintage Nessen lamps pen the final chapter in this intimate narrative.

A crescendo of artistry and counsel leads to a zenith of aesthetic revelation. Cohen’s client becomes an art acolyte, traversing galleries and fairs, refining a discerning palate. Art, masterfully placed, consummates the home’s tapestry.


Art becomes a final layer, cultivated by Cohen’s encouragement. Art galleries and art fairs become her classroom, molding her client into an art aficionado. Each piece chosen, each placement calibrated, adding the concluding brushstroke to an eloquent home. As dawn unfurls over the freshly adorned haven, the husband’s voice whispers an apropos sentiment, “akin to an unending stay at the Four Seasons” – a testament to Cohen’s transformative magic.