Installation 'Gallery Houshmand'

Dale Cohen’s invitation to the 2013 Hampton Designer Showhouse by Traditional Home Magazine was an unusual selection, considering her reputation for deeply modern, ultra-refined design in Manhattan. The challenge – an imaginary canvas with untold possibilities – was well within her grasp. Tasked with the Terrace Level Lounge, Cohen’s transformative touch takes flight, blending her artistic origins with an architectural sensibility honed at Yale Architectural School. Her vision transcends space, rendering it a theater of creativity.

The compressed choreography of furnishings, chairs, and a Minotti sofa, reflect Cohen’s precision, while her collaboration with artist John Houshmand yields the daring “Monumental Lantern” – an emblem of audacity akin to her early tutelage under Richard Serra.

She orchestrates the stairway, a dual encounter, one veiled by a scrim, the other unveiled – a cinematic sequence evoking Hollywood allure. Throughout, fabric backdrops demarcate distinct spatial realms, a choreography of ambiance.

Her color palette defies Hamptons clichés, subverting the ordinary with a fusion of sea blue, soft greys, and the unexpected jolt of chartreuse, epitomizing her daring design palette. The result is a seamless blend of whimsy and refinement.

But it’s the rigor in her approach that truly captivates. Every detail – from Fritz Hansen chairs to cashmere throws – bears the signature of her meticulous attention. This celebration of minutiae is the foundation of her design philosophy, transforming moments into gems, setting her work apart in the realm of design.

It’s the rigor in her approach that truly captivates. Cohen’s devotion to detail that renders her work truly remarkable. Each chair, each touch of accent peice, reflects her meticulousness. This dedication to minutiae elevates her work, illuminating it in the realm of design, creating an enriched tapestry of moments.