In a poetic convergence, Dale Cohen’s design studio orchestrates an assembly of favored artisans, designers, and connoisseurs within the venerable walls of Sag Harbor’s architectural jewel, the Watchcase Factory Condominiums, a masterpiece by Cape Advisors. Inside one of its townhouses, Cohen assembles a gallery of vivacious visual maestros, crafting a symphony of spaces that celebrates the interplay of light, dimension, and proportion, harmonizing with the Project’s essence.

This curated constellation boasts a roster of talents, six artists hailing from the East End and and six from New York City. Cohen responds to each room’s canvas – be it a chamber, a winding staircase, or an empty expanse – with a kinetic palette, a contemporary vernacular that breathes life into heritage. One of the more magnetic pieces is Almond Zigmond’s site specific installation in the staircase. Within view of Jeff Muys’ provocative painting “The Sleeper of Venice” 2013. On the second floor is found the “Melville Room,” a creation by Annie Coggan and Caleb Crawford, an ode to Sag Harbor’s maritime heritage and Herman Melville’s ink-stained tales of Moby Dick.

Yet, the artistry extends beyond mere walls, intertwining with timeless design icons. Fritz Hansen, Vitra, vintage Knoll, and the Swedish grace of Overman compose a design serenade. Underfoot, contemporary and vintage rugs by Doris Leslie Blau interplay, while Sacco’s mohair rug exudes tactile opulence. Fischbacher and Knoll Luxe fabrics, alongside Maharam pillows, chime in to complete the narrative.

This tableau defies the conventions of seaside interiors – transcending the ordinary beachside abode. Cohen’s touch, in league with her coterie of creatives, reshapes domesticity into an effervescent dialogue between art, design, and history, a whispered story that echoes through Sag Harbor’s hallowed halls, a tale that defies the mundane.