OpenHouse NY LXTV with Constantine Maroulis

Constantine Maroulis, renowned for his American Idol fame, invites the mastery of interior designer Dale Cohen to weave her bachelor-friendly enchantment upon his Manhattan abode. Cohen, an adept in the art of bachelor design, pens her insights on her original blog “bachelorbydale.” Tasked with Maroulis’s living room and bedroom, she curates spaces that harmonize with the star’s fusion of rock and Old Hollywood aesthetics.

NBC’s LXTV OPENHOUSE sought Cohen’s expertise to orchestrate the transformation. Maroulis’s penchant for vintage Hollywood Deco, infused with his rocker identity, set the tone. Antique family heirlooms, a lineage of Hollywood allure, intertwine with an undercurrent of rock.

At the heart of the living room lies a treasure – 1930s Italian club chairs, reminiscent of private Hollywood screening rooms, draped in midnight blue velvet. Their allure molds the living room’s essence. The synergy between Cohen and Broadway luminary Maroulis nurtures a gracious metamorphosis.

The bedroom weaves a tapestry of vintage allure. A Hollywood mid-60s vintage dresser surfaces, its sleek profile restored to opulence. “Hollywood Grape,” a daring gold foil wallpaper, emerges as the rocker’s anthem, infusing drama into the space.

Maroulis embraces the design journey, fusing his identity and interests. The result is a genuine reflection – a home echoing his essence. The synergy extends, with luxe chairs elevating a cocktail table gifted by his brother, the original luster restored. Vintage 1930s club chairs bespeak old Hollywood in the living room, accompanied by vintage James Bond posters. The hallway, adorned with press clippings, commemorates Maroulis’s dual triumphs in American Idol and Broadway.

Cohen’s design ballet, a pas de deux of styles, choreographs Maroulis’s dwelling, rendering it a manifestation of his persona.